A series of half-day workshops designed to develop leadership at all levels.

Unlock-Potential Half-Day Workshops are designed to give you the tools and trainings you need to become a more effective leader. Workshops focus on growing and improving key leadership skills that inspire individuals to lead at their full potential.

The art and science of skillful communication

In this half day workshop you will learn:

  • How to communicate in ways that improve productivity, teamwork and morale
  • How to reduce the brain’s natural threat responses that cause communication breakdowns
  • How communication is integral to building trust

When: January 2020

Where: Dolphin Bay Resort, 2727 Shell Beach Rd.

Cost: $197

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Who should attend?

Individuals looking to grow their leadership and communication skills, make the time to focus on their personal and professional growth and build a strong community with other future leaders.


Does Unlock-Potential offer other half-day workshops?

Yes, Unlock-Potential also offers half-day workshops for:
  • First time managers
  • Building a thriving team culture
  • Defining your organization's mission, vision and values
  • Increasing innovation and creativity

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