A six-month course to unlock your leadership potential


We’re so glad you found us here.

Our 6-month Women’s Leadership Program will develop key leadership skills, build professional connections, encourage personal growth and teach the value of reflection.

Each session is crafted to bring together community and conversation that inspires women to lead at their full potential.

Each class will include:

  • Personal & professional goals
  • Self assessments to identify areas for growth
  • Tools to manage stress
  • Accountability to yourself and to others
  • Building authentic connections
  • Making a difference

Topics we’ll be covering each month

Month 1:
Great leaders know themselves
Identify strengths and blind-spots
Define personal and professional goals

Month 2:
Developing a growth mindset
Identify limiting beliefs that block growth

Month 3:
Mastering your mind
Gain tools to manage stress and raise productivity
Learn how to stay calm in the face of adversity

Month 4:
Influence, charisma and negotiating
Owning your voice and unique leadership style
Analyze effective influence tactics
Gain influence through dynamic interactions

Month 5:
Building teams & managing expectations
Align with your company's culture
Learn how to organize operations so you can focus on higher level vision and strategy

Month 6:
Lasting transformation - the journey ahead
Be responsible for you own success
Foster and sustain a healthy and successful personal and professional life

Prefer to pay in monthly installments?

Please complete the following recurring authorization form to sign up for 6 monthly payments of $349.


Who should attend?

Women looking to grow their leadership skills, make the time to focus on their personal and professional growth and build a strong community with other women leaders. The group will be limited to 16 women.*

What if I can’t make every session?

We highly encourage each member to attend each session for the benefit of the whole group. If you are unable to make a meeting, Jennifer and Lynne will coordinate a 1 hour review of what was missed. Refunds will not be given for missed sessions.

Will there be homework between sessions?

Yes. In order to maximize our learning and growth, we will be asking participants to do a small amount of work/planning/reading between sessions. Members will have “accountability partners” to check in with at the beginning of each session.

Do I have to sign up for all six trainings?

Yes. Training content builds each month making it essential for members to come to each class. Payment can be broken up into monthly installments or can be paid in full at the beginning of the training.