Workshops and Programs

We offer a wide variety of interactive and engaging trainings that can be offered in a half-day, full-day or multi-day program based on organizational needs. Call us to find out how we can help.

Topics include:

  • Communication
    The art and science of skillful communication

  • Building Trust
    The key ingredient in successful teams

  • Personality/Behavior Assessment
    Understanding personalities at work

  • Emerging Managers
    Self assessment and awareness
    Communication basics
    Finding success in feedback, delegation and performance coaching
    Building deeper levels of connection
    Managing through change
    Performance development

  • Leadership
    Qualities of great leaders
    Managing thought—our story-telling minds
    Unlocking potential—developing a growth mindset
    Building trust—the one thing that changes everything
    Communicating—the cornerstone of great leaders
    Influence, charisma, and negotiating—the 3 essential skills

  • Mindfulness
    What is mindfulness and why is it important?
    Growing awareness—changing our relationship with experience
    Emotional balance
    Empathy and Compassion
    Mindful Communication
    The Art & Science of Happiness

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