The UP approach

Our approach to developing strong leaders, teams and culture, leans heavily on the intersection of three key influences:


1. Leadership best practices:

In addition to our own business experience, we pull from the five categories of “exemplary leadership” identified after three decades of research by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, outlined in their book The Leadership Challenge.

2. Emotional and social intelligence (ESI):

Our trainings center around one of the most critical (and least taught) skills of successful leadership—developing emotional and social intelligence, which was initially researched and documented by Daniel Goleman.

3. Mindfulness, empathy and compassion:

We include mindfulness practices in all of our trainings. Recent advances in neuroscience have shown mindfulness helps increase focus, creativity and well-being while reducing stress, anxiety and emotional reactivity.

We focus on these three areas not only because they have been rigorously studied for proven success, but because we have seen through our own experience the profound effects these learnable skills have on helping leaders and organizations perform at their best.

UP Approach

Get to know us

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Lynne Biddinger

Lynne Biddinger is an entrepreneur, business coach, mindfulness and leadership trainer, and founder of Unlock Potential (UP), a Leadership Training and Development company focused on teaching the soft skills of business (communication skills, personality traits, values definition, social and emotional intelligence) to help people and organizations become greater versions of themselves.

Prior to founding UP, Lynne worked as a designer and brand strategist in Silicon Valley, London, San Francisco and Oregon, eventually founding her own firm, 20|20 Creative Group, in San Luis Obispo.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University Chico, and has rounded out her education with certifications in Mindfulness and Compassion Training (Stanford CCARE and UC Berkeley GGSC), Foresight and Future Scenario Planning (Rebecca Ryan), and Strategic Intervention Coaching (Robbins/Madanes). Lynne is also an authorized WorkTraits Trainer and Certified Yoga Instructor in the Ananda Method.


Jennifer Porcher

Jennifer Porcher is co-founder of Unlock-Potential (UP), a business consultant and leadership trainer who has a passion for building leadership skills within organizations.

Prior to joining UP, Jennifer spent 20 years working as a business consultant and VP in tech and manufacturing companies. She has worked with more than 300 small-to-medium sized businesses to create and lead training programs that improved communication, strengthened management performance and elevated overall company culture. She has helped clients build stronger foundations of trust that have led to positive change in financials, working efficiencies and strong company cultures.

Jennifer studied International Business at the University of San Francisco where she had the opportunity to transfer to La Universidad de la Simon Bolivar, Venezuela to further her studies in International Business and Economics. Additionally, she has earned certifications as a WorkTraits behavioral Assessment Provider, a Ewing Mariam Kauffman Small Business Consultant, and is a  certified Franklin Covey Enhanced Facilitator.