“In the end we realize that leadership development
is self-development.”

-James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner

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Lynne Biddinger is a business coach, mindfulness and leadership trainer, and certified yoga instructor based in San Luis Obispo, California. Unlock Potential (UP) Leadership is the product of Lynne’s experience as brand strategist and grew out of her passion for helping both individuals and organizations become greater versions of themselves. Guided by her perpetual optimism, market based analysis, and a clear understanding of human wellbeing, Lynne helps clients develop tools and techniques to maximize their core values and unlock higher levels of potential- both personally and professionally.  

Lynne is passionate about people. She believes in the power of human connection, reflection, and growth, and above all, she believes personal growth ripples out in all directions. In a busy world where change and overstimulation threaten to separate us from our true purpose, UP provides a data-backed, human solution to create environments where people and profits grow together.

Prior to founding UP, Lynne worked as a designer and brand strategist in Silicon Valley, London, San Francisco and Oregon, eventually founding her own firm, 20|20 Creative Group, in San Luis Obispo. She holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University Chico, and has since rounded out her education with Mindfulness and Compassion Training (Stanford CCARE and UC Berkeley GGSC), Foresight and Future Scenario Planning (Rebecca Ryan), and Strategic Intervention Coaching (Robbins/Madanes). Lynne is also an authorized WorkTraits Trainer and Certified Yoga Instructor in the Ananda Method.



Jennifer is a business coach and trainer based out of San Luis Obispo, California.  She has a real passion for coaching and training to build leadership skills within organizations.  She herself has spent many years working with leaders in both a VP role or as a consultant and it is out of these experiences that she has seen the difference for how teams work and operate based on the direct leadership of a team. 

Jennifer has seen a great void of leadership in today’s workplace. Many companies are experiencing fast growth and providing opportunity for key employees to step into leadership roles, but not all people have natural leadership skills. When we ask someone to lead who is insecure, acts out of ego and pride, and diminishes others to feel their own value, we see disengaged employees, high turnover, and wasted resources that impact the entire organization.  Unlock Potential was designed out of a desire to build leaders, inspire individuals to be their best and to live into their strengths.  It’s incredible what can happen within organizations that are built on people’s strengths and contributions.  We aim to help companies achieve these high levels of success and to unlock the organization’s potential. 

Jennifer has worked with over 300 businesses and has hundreds of hours working with and training managers to embody true leadership.  She has studied International Business at the University of San Francisco where she had the honor of transferring to La Universidad de la Simon Bolivar, Venezuela to further her studies in International Business and Economics.  Over the years she has earned certifications as a WorkTraits behavioral Assessment Provider, a Ewing Mariam Kauffman Small Business Consultant, as well as a Franklin Covey Enhanced Facilitator.


What people are saying

“This workshop really opened my mind up to learning how to view others differently. To remember to not be quick to judge people/employers by their actions and communication. And to try to understand where they are coming from.”

“I'm sensitive to others’ body language, tone of voice and choice of words. So this workshop really was a blessing. I walked out feeling confident with a new tool to communicate with others’ and work towards a better, less stressful work environment as well as a personal…”

“Not only do these trainings provide tools to manage stress and improve communication, but more importantly, they spark an interest in thinking of things differently and wanting to make a change for the better.”